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ViralOff® Shield antimicrobial barrier spray

Bumpaa are proud to announce the launch of ViralOff Shield a lasting barrier spray for fabrics and surfaces


ViralOff® treatment proven effective against SARS-CoV-2*

Bumpaa®, in partnership with Polygiene, shares in worldwide first as ViralOff® is proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 which causes the disease COVID-19*

New Antiviral gloves from Bumpaa Protect

Bumpaa® gloves with antimicrobial built-in protection

ViralOff®, a unique solution that protects your gloves by reducing over 99% of microbes within 2 hours*

Bumpaa antiviral gloves protecting against viruses and dry skin caused by sanitising
Bumpaa Antiviral face masks

Face masks and accessories made with antimicrobial fabric

Bumpaa® face masks are treated with ViralOff® antiviral treatment to reduce viruses on the fabric by over 99% in 2 hours*

Antiviral face masks manufactured in the UK
Anti Viral face masks manufactured in the UK

Masks manufactured to the highest standards in the UK

Bumpaa® face masks and snoods with their antiviral fabric are helping businesses reopen, with safety in mind.

Antiviral fabric face masks manufactured in the UK
Bumpaa anti viral face masks prevent the spread of viruses

Fabrics that work hard for you

Bumpaa® antiviral fabric with its unique treatment helps reduce bacteria and virus on fabrics, making them more hygienic

Anti Viral face masks and accessories manufactured in the UK
Reusable, comfortable, lightweight & stylish UK manufactured face masks and snoods

Reusable, comfortable, lightweight, stylish

Bumpaa® fabric face coverings are reusable and require less washing making them environmentally sound

Bumpaa face masks & snoods help prevent the spread of viruses
Bumpaa Antiviral face masks

Fully customisable with any design

Bumpaa® face masks and snoods made from antiviral fabric can be custom printed

Reusable, comfortable, lightweight & stylish Bumpaa antiviral face masks
  • NEW PRODUCT antimicrobial barrier spray
  • ViralOff® treatment achievement
  • Everyday gloves with built in protection
  • Face masks and accessories
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Antiviral technology
  • Environmentally sound
  • Customisable

Superior ViralOff® antimicrobial technology

Self cleaning textiles

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Face Masks

Stylish, light weight fabric face masks – manufactured in the UK and available in 12 colours or customised to order.

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Comfortable, wearable and practical. Our snoods are a stylish alternative to a face mask with the same fabric protection.

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Lightweight everyday gloves with our built-in antiviral fabric, reducing the growth of viruses and bacteria.

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Kids Masks

Fully customisable kids masks available in two sizes, kids small (from 3-7 years) and kids large (from 8-12 years).

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Antimicrobial Barrier Spray

Long lasting antimicrobial barrier spray for textiles and surfaces. Available in 100ml and 250ml aerosol options.

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Hand Sanitising Station

Auto dispensing & Touch Free Sanitiser Dispenser, Suitable for Gel, Liquid or Foam Sanitiser.

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*Tested according to ISO18184 on viruses SARS-CoV-2, H3N2, H1N1

*Polygiene ViralOff does not prevent diseases but protects the treated material