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Bumpaa antiviral gloves with built-in protection

A unique solution this winter to help protect your hands from contamination and dryness caused by continual washing and sanitising

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Bumpaa Antiviral face masks

Antiviral face masks and accessories

Bumpaa™ face masks are treated with ViralOff® antiviral treatment to reduce viruses by over 99% in 2 hours*

Antiviral face masks manufactured in the UK
Anti Viral face masks manufactured in the UK

Masks manufactured to the highest standards in the UK

Bumpaa™ antiviral face masks and snoods are helping businesses reopen, with safety in mind

Antiviral fabric face masks manufactured in the UK
Bumpaa anti viral face masks prevent the spread of viruses

Help prevent the spread of viruses

Without impacting on frontline PPE provision, by wearing a Bumpaa™ antiviral fabric face covering

Anti Viral face masks and accessories manufactured in the UK
Reusable, comfortable, lightweight & stylish UK manufactured face masks and snoods

Reusable, comfortable, lightweight, stylish

Bumpaa™ reusable fabric face masks are environmentally sound, no regular washing required

Bumpaa face masks & snoods help prevent the spread of viruses
Bumpaa Antiviral face masks

Fully customisable with any design

Bumpaa™ anti-viral face masks and snoods can be bespoke branded for your business

Reusable, comfortable, lightweight & stylish Bumpaa antiviral face masks
  • Bumpaa new arrivals
  • Face masks and accessories
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Antiviral technology
  • Environmentally sound
  • Customisable

Superior ViralOff® antiviral technology

Sanitiser for your textiles

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Antiviral fabric gloves

Lightweight fabric gloves with our built-in antiviral protection, keeping your hands safe and warm this winter.

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