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Antiviral vs Antibacterial

7 July 2020

Antiviral vs Antibacterial claims, what’s the difference?  

In these very strange and unfamiliar times we find ourselves in, we are all being bombarded with words like antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial. With the ongoing situation with the pandemic, most people are looking at ways to reduce the risk of catching the virus, so it is more important than ever to understand what these terms mean. 

Most antibacterial and antiviral treatments use the same background technology. One form of treatment is to use silver in combination with other key compounds. The natural ability of silver as an antibacterial has been known for many years and is what is harnessed in the treatments. The presence of silver-based products can be an effective way to remove bacteria from a textile by making the replication process ineffective. These treatments tend to be effective up to or in excess of 99% across a 2-hour period.

But what does this mean when it comes to choosing the right protection for your face masks and clothing?

One key difference between an antibacterial treatment and an antiviral treatment in the loading of the silver-based agent. To achieve antiviral protection the product will require significantly more of the treatment to be incorporated into the material compared to that in an antibacterial treatment. 

As a result, by default, antiviral treatments automatically protect products from bacterial growth as well as viral growth. However, this does mean that the opposite is not true. Antibacterial treatments will have little to no effect on viruses as the treatment loading is simply not high enough. 

During the pandemic it is important to know the products you are buying offer the right protection for your products. The Bumpaa antiviral masks and Snoods are treated with the Polygiene industry leading antiviral treatments and will effectively reduce viral load up to 99% across 2 hours, whilst at the same time getting the highest level of antibacterial performance. 

So, when buying your next face mask or face covering make sure you buy the best – buy Bumpaa.